About Us

Ken and Mary have worked as an accordion duo for many years, playing all varieties of music for events mostly around the Midwest.

ken Ken brings over 40 years of music experience to the accordion duo. His music background includes not only playing the button-style accordion but also the tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, and mandola. He taught in the Creative Arts program at Ohio State University from 1979 through 1984. He was even bestowed the title “Baron of the Banjo” by Frankie Yankovic. Ken had his own rag/jazz band for many years, playing in and around Ohio as well as performing in the German Pavillon at Disney’s Epcot Center and at the Altstadt Fest in Goslar/Harz, Germany. He adds to the “Ken and Mary” duo his expertise on the 5-row diatonic harmonika, also called the button box or button accordion.

maryMary’s music career has spanned over 30 years, playing both the organ and the piano accordion. She has performed at numerous festivals, banquets, and for parties. She currently brings to “Ken and Mary” her magical talent on the standard piano accordion.