Our Instruments

What's the Difference Between our Instruments?

  • ken_ins
    Ken’s instrument, although resembling an accordion, couldn’t be further from it – except for the bellows! It is the grandfather of the piano accordion and is often referred to as a “Button Box”. Ken plays a custom-built 5-row Tyrolean diatonic button harmonika with a gold grill and mother of pearl keys – the Rolls-Royce of Italian-made button boxes – an extremely complex instrument with buttons on both sides. Each button plays two different notes depending on the direction the bellows are moving. Ken often excites audiences with his ability to create anything from a full-bodied polka sound to melodic waltzes. And, thanks to the awesome sound of the Helikon reeds, the sound of a cruise ship horn blowing as it leaves port for the Caribbean!
  • mary_ins
    Mary plays a standard piano accordion, which is also a custom-built Tyrolean instrument made in Italy. This strikingly beautiful instrument is set off by its gold grill, mother of pearl keys, and a colorful decorative trim. This accordion offers a variety of brilliant tonal qualities with the flip of 10 registers across the right side. It also has Helikon reeds which can produce those impressively deep tones on the bass keyboard.

    The pairing of a button-style accordion with a standard piano accordion is the number one requested combination in all of Europe. It has proven to be a combination that is gaining in popularity in the Midwest and throughout the United States.